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Kanika Thukral Miniatures Photography


I am Kanika. It is my love for children and creative expression that led to the birth of this platform. When my imagination meets experience, art, skill, and learning, it's like capturing pure magic.


You know those moments that feel like they're slipping away too fast? I'm all about preserving their timeless beauty. Your family, unique and special, becomes my canvas.

I'm hands-on from start to finish, crafting enchanting backdrops, dreaming up unique props, and adding that special touch to each subject. Attention to detail is my secret weapon, infusing life into every frame.

My aim? To seize the very essence of innocence, purity, and love that makes your heart skip a beat. 

A radiant smile, a tender touch, a sparkle in the eyes—
I'm here to capture their honesty.

Miniatures Photography Bow
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