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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in a single setup?
    A setup refers to the chosen theme or background that sets the overall look and feel of the session. It involves planning the concept, colors, props, clothing, accessories, and everything needed to create the desired composition. It's important to note that a setup can also take place in a natural or candid environment, whether it's indoors or outdoors. Within a setup, you can expect a variety of poses and the use of different props against the same background setting. However, it's necessary to discuss this prior to the photo session to ensure that all the necessary preparations are made in time.
  • What will be the location of the shoot?
    To ensure a seamless and comfortable experience, I specialize in providing "shoot at home" services. This means you can have the photo session right in the comfort of your own home, making it quick, effortless, and hassle-free for you. We can explore various options, whether it's an indoor setting(home or studio) or an outdoor location that offers a natural and candid environment. The selection of the location will be based on the theme's requirements from a photographic perspective, as well as factors such as ease of access, weather conditions, and convenience for the parents and the child. Choosing an exquisite or distant location may affect the package cost.
  • What should be worn during the session? What about hair and makeup?
    The choice of clothing will primarily depend on the selected theme and will need to be arranged by the parents themselves. If desired, I can provide clothing options or arrange custom-made outfits for an additional charge. For the newborn session, just focus on feeding and diapers. I have plenty of wraps, swaddles, and accessories available. If you'd like, custom-made knitted rompers can be arranged at an extra cost. To keep your baby cosy, having 2-3 pacifiers or soothers in a newborn size would be great. Please note that detailed makeup or hair is not recommended for either the baby or the mother. If professional assistance is desired, it needs to be arranged externally. We will discuss all these details thoroughly during a pre-session call. Please be aware that the total number of outfits worn during the session will be counted.
  • Can either of the parent, sibling or any other member of the family be included in a session?"
    Yes, they can be included in any setup as needed. Charges for optional Add Ons of family members [Sibling(s) | Parent(s) | Grandparent(s)] | Partner | Children]: Adding One member in: 2 additional fine-tuned images: +Rs 1,499/- 2 additional fine-tuned images + 5 from the existing 10 fine-tuned images: +Rs 4,999/- ​ Adding up to 3 members in: 2 additional fine-tuned images: +Rs 2,999/- 2 additional fine-tuned images + 5 from the existing 10 fine-tuned images: +Rs 7,999/- Adding up to 10 members in: 2 additional fine-tuned images: +Rs 4,999/- 2 additional fine-tuned images + 5 from the existing 10 fine-tuned images: +Rs 9,999/-
  • How long does a session last?
    The duration of a session depends on the number of setups chosen. A single setup typically lasts a maximum of 2 hours, taking into consideration the settling time for the baby. For sessions with multiple setups, the duration will depend on various factors, including the health, condition, energy level, threshold, and involvement of the parents and child.
  • How is the comfort and hygiene of the moms and children prioritized?
    All the wraps, fur, props, backdrops, and accessories are washed, sanitized, and carefully packed after each use. They are then stored in a clean space until the next session. I prioritize creating a pleasant, non-rushed, and comfortable experience for each session. Safety, comfort, and satisfaction is above all.
  • How can the date of a newborn be scheduled in advance?
    Please reach out to me during your last trimester of pregnancy so we can make a tentative booking based on your estimated due date and discuss all the necessary details. Once your baby arrives, kindly contact me within the first week to schedule the session, typically within the following week or so.
  • What is the way to book any session?
    To book a session or for any assistance, concerns, or inquiries, please feel free to contact me through your preferred contact method (as provided on the website) and expect a prompt response. To confirm your booking, a 50% advance payment for the selected package is required. Alternatively, you have the option to confirm with a 20% deposit upfront and pay the remaining 30% on the day of the shoot.
  • What is the way to book the 'Gift a Shoot' package?
    To book the 'Gift a Shoot' package, simply select the desired value of the gift voucher, which can include single or multiple setups. The gift voucher will be carefully packaged and presented in a gift envelope, ready to be sent directly to the family or to you, the gift giver. A full deposit is required in advance to secure the voucher, which can be redeemed within 12 months. Please note that the gift voucher is non-refundable, non-redeemable for cash, and can only be used for photography sessions with Miniatures Photography. For booking and session details, please contact me through your preferred contact method (as given on website). I'm here to help!
  • What happens if a booked session is delayed or cancelled?
    If a photo session is delayed or incomplete, it can be rescheduled within 14 days from the original shoot date at no extra cost. However, please ensure to inform me of the delay at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. In the unfortunate event of a cancellation, the deposited fee will be non-refundable and forfeited.
  • When are the images delivered?
    The unprocessed watermarked images are delivered via an online link within 7 to 10 days after the photoshoot, allowing you to select. Once you've chosen the images for fine-tuning, they will be delivered within 3 to 4 weeks. Any prior delivery requirements need to be discussed beforehand.
  • What sets a fine-tuned photo apart?
    A fine-tuned photo stands out with meticulous post-production work, enhancing skin tones, refining colors, and skillful manipulation. It's an art form that transforms images, capturing the essence and beauty of the subject. Through careful consideration of lighting, composition, and desired mood, post-production breathes life into the photo, creating a visually captivating impact. The result is a stunning and expressive image that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Can additional fine-tuned images be included in the delivery?
    Absolutely! You have the option to include additional fine-tuned images in the delivery. Here are the pricing details: ​ Up to 5 images: Rs 1,499/- each Up to 10 images: Rs 1,199/- each​
  • What is the digital image quality? Are any hard copies included?
    Each selected image is edited with extreme care and precision to preserve its clarity while enhancing its overall appeal. They are provided in high-resolution JPEG file format. The delivery includes digital copies only, prints are not included in the package.
  • Are the images shared on social media or any other platforms?
    Yes, they are. Each portfolio is like a baby nurtured with utmost detail. As I pour my heart and creativity into crafting each frame, destined to be loved and cherished forever, I find joy in sharing my body of work on both online and offline platforms, which further fuels my motivation and extends my reach. Please note that I share images from maternity, newborn or cake smash sessions at a permissible time only. If you desire exclusive rights to the images, you have the option to purchase the copyrights for an additional fee of Rs. 15,000/-. This transfer of ownership ensures that I permanently remove the images from my system and relinquish all rights over them.
  • Will the images have any watermark or logo?
    Yes, the unprocessed images for selection will have a watermark in the center. Once the images undergo fine-tuning, they will be delivered with a 'Miniatures Photography' signature logo. This logo serves as a mark of quality and authenticity. If you prefer, you have the option to purchase prints without any watermark or logo, enabling you to showcase the images without any distractions.
  • What is the payment requirement and procedure?
    To confirm your booking, a 50% advance payment for the selected package is required. Alternatively, you have the option to confirm with a 20% deposit upfront and pay the remaining 30% on the day of the shoot. Please ensure that the remaining 50% payment for the chosen package is settled within 7 days from the date of the final delivery. Rest assured, there are no additional charges beyond the package price mentioned on the website.
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